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Rules for wearing summer accessories: add snacks to the wrist

As a delicate woman, have you ever calculated what is the most in your jewelry box? Is it a ring? Or earrings? According to small-scale statistics, 70% of women’s answer is ear studs, 15% of women’s answer is necklace, 13% of women’s answer is ring, and only 2% of women’s answer is bracelet (bracelet).

In fact, in this season of showing arms, our wrists should not be empty, nor should we be dominated by big watches such as watches. The occasional little embellishment can brighten the whole mood.

Add a snack to your wrist

  1. Hand strap series (gold transfer beads)

The hand strap is an accessory that has been popular since the 1990s. Although the author at that time was also a girl, but the inborn love for these small red, green and green ropes made the author at that time bought one at a lot of money, and was mistaken for rubbish by Ma Ma… (How Painful memories) And with the development of hand straps, now it has enlisted a large number of fans of the Chinese dynasty and even went abroad and into the world.

I have a different feeling. This is my mother’s favorite. I didn’t really like this picture, but when I received it, I felt it was worth it!

The author suggests: Red is a festive color that Ma Ma likes! But some reds, such as those from A, are more unique, because their red is not the “aunt red” seen on the market, but a very authentic cinnabar red!

And some mms who don’t like the red rope can choose the leather rope of Chow Tai Fook. The colors are so many that boyfriends who have never had a cold with accessories buy it weakly.

  1. Gold bracelet

Buying gold when it is not expensive, does it feel like it is not that expensive?!

In fact, the gold bracelet is not the sense of sight brought by the heavenly aunt. With the polishing of modern technology, gold has become more and more grounded.

Belongs to our style! Little cookies, little thoughts.

The author suggests: For jewelry with a heavier color like gold, when worn in summer, finer is fresher and more refined than coarser. MM who likes gold can try it!

  1. K gold bracelet (bracelet)

For K gold, people associate with fashion. Is the sparkling rose gold and bright 18K white illuminated all summer?

I just like the feeling of meticulousness, and the quality of their homes is also very nice, no matter how meticulous they are! Is the price moving?

It’s a pity that I didn’t shoot the effect of the Mobes ring. It’s a really super exquisite bracelet. It’s really nothing to say in terms of craftsmanship to be able to do this with a thousand pure gold! The surface is still brushed, and I have never “jumped” after wearing it for half a year!

The author suggests: K gold is MM’s first choice for bracelets, but how can we not bring the “bad street” style? Either the price is outstanding, or it is DIY, or you have to spend a little time thinking about it!

However, it is not necessarily a good thing to bring some “strange” elements of masters on your wrist. Isn’t fashion just that you have found a suitable person for this time, this occasion, and the right person?

  1. Silver bracelet (bracelet)

When it comes to silver, it must be tiffany!

It’s another brand I like, Pandora, the polished brightness of silver, how many girls’ hearts are kneeling! But there is no link, search for your favorite mm!

The down-to-earth price and simple style are the mood of summer! All-match

The author recommends: Regarding silver, if the polishing technology is in place, then its gloss and 18k cannot be distinguished by the naked eye! Some cool elements in summer will make the whole person feel cold!

  1. Crystal bracelet

If you are used to garnet, citrine, tiger’s eye, obsidian… these common crystals, let’s come here for a few refreshing chants suitable for summer!

Amethyst is considered to be the guardian stone of love. It can endow lovers with chastity, honesty and courage, and can give lovers a deeper love.

The reason why crystal has these more or less effects is also because of its own radiation elements. Is the more expensive crystal the better? Experts say no, only knowledgeable people can tell! However, in order to prevent unscrupulous merchants from taking advantage of the situation, each gem will have its certification certificate, but there is no end here, you can only verify the authenticity of your gem by searching on the designated website according to the gem’s authentication code~!

  1. Crystal bracelet (bracelet)

Speaking of dior, their bracelets are not too many, after all, they are not professional jewelry! But their home stuff, slender style, especially suitable for summer wear! Show your temperament in every gesture! And the price is not particularly high, in general it is quite grounded

The author suggests: For crystal mosaic jewelry, maintenance is very important, but mosaic technology is even more important! Just like the setting of diamonds, many excellent brands will choose special processes instead of simple processes such as glue that we see on the market. And some big brands’ after-sales service are also very well done, they all support lifetime warranty!

For the summer season when the arms are exposed, the bracelets and bracelets are not covered by any clothing, so as long as you raise your hand in the sun or light, you can attract a lot of attention! For such a shiny jewelry, wearing it alone can actually achieve the desired effect. Don’t let other jewelry on your wrist take away its light!

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