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How to choose earrings for different face shapes? Reviews

Regarding the choice of earrings, it is not only about the image and temperament of a person, but also plays a vital role in the modification of the face. In many cases, one of the earrings is very beautiful and I like it very much. However, after I bought it and put it on, I found that the effect was not as good as expected. At this time, you can see the importance of choosing earrings based on your face. So, how do you choose earrings that suit you for different face shapes?

The choice of earrings can be divided into three categories: earrings, long earrings, and extra long earrings. Each kind of earrings has rich materials, and each material can be made in different shapes, so the shape of earrings is also very rich.

Earrings suitable for various face shapes

1.Goose egg face
The oval face is the most perfect face shape. This kind of girl doesn’t have to worry about choosing which earrings to wear. What kind of earrings will look good. If the skin is white, it will be more perfect. There is no need to choose the color. Popular drop-shaped, gourd-shaped or round earrings are the best choice. For the cute ones, you can choose fairy earrings, or plush ball earrings, which are very suitable.

2.Long face
Most of the long faces are narrow and long faces. Such a face shape is not suitable for choosing too long earrings. You can choose round earrings, so that the roundness in the square can better modify the face shape. Especially horizontally designed earrings, fan-shaped and square designs are good choices, but oblong or long cylindrical earrings are taboo. However, the long face has the biggest advantage, the coolest face shape that can remove the neutral wind.

3.Round face
Girls with round faces are also commonly known as baby faces. They are round and cute, but they are easy to look fat. Therefore, choose drop earrings that can visually elongate the face. Long earrings will look more temperamental. Avoid square and round earrings, otherwise it will backfire and make your face wider. The principle of choosing earrings for round faces is to look thin. Some very metallic earrings can give people a strong visual sense.

4.Square face
If you are a girl with a square face, the facial contours are tough and sharp. Therefore, it will appear very hard, a little masculine, or accompanied by a big face. Then the lines of the jaw bones will be more obvious, so you can’t choose square earrings. Square earrings are suitable for arc-shaped earrings, especially for drop-shaped earrings or stud earrings. Because it can neutralize the hard contours of the square face from the visual effect, it appears that the square face has a rounded feel and is more attractive. The more taboo is to choose square, star or round earrings.

5.Inverted triangle face
If you are a girl with an inverted triangle face, it is also called a heart-shaped face. The cheekbones are wider, the lower jaw is narrow, and the forehead is wider than the diamond-shaped face. This face shape is the most photogenic. The features of the face shape are that the forehead is relatively wide and the chin is relatively sharp, so our general impression is a “V-shaped face shape.” Such a face shape should avoid any earrings that can enlarge the cheekbones. You need to choose a slightly heavy pendant with a medium length. Taboos are inverted triangle earrings and linear earrings with elongated face.

6.Earring recommendation
The latest love to watch dramas, sweet sister and brother love plot, “The Next Stop Is Happiness” starring Victoria Song and Song Weilong, in which Victoria Song’s outfit is remarkable.

7.Earring series
My ear studs are really not too many, only a few pairs, because I usually have long hair, and often it will be curled and the studs are almost invisible, so I still have more long earrings. But short hair, straight hair girls can consider more ear studs, temperament models, noble atmosphere and timeless!

8.Earring series
Long earrings are suitable for summer, wearing skirts or off-the-shoulder clothes, short earrings are more suitable for everyday life and look less ostentatious.

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