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Let’s understand these professional knowledge of gold together

Gold has good physical properties, stable chemical properties, high malleability and scarcity. It is not only a special currency used for reserves and investment, but also in the jewelry industry, electronics industry, modern communications, aerospace industry and other sectors. Important material. The following is the content of professional knowledge about gold jewelry organized by the editor, I hope you like it!

  (1)Gold jewelry classification
   1. “Pure gold” jewelry
  ”Pure gold” is usually divided into pure gold and thousand pure gold. Red-yellow in color, soft in texture and dazzling luster But absolutely pure gold does not exist, as the saying goes, “gold is not pure.” With modern science and technology, reagent gold with a purity of 99.9999% can be extracted specifically for use as standard chemical reagents. Due to the high production cost of reagent gold, only from the use value of jewelry, the use of reagent gold to make jewelry is of little significance. At present, there are three types of pure gold in the Chinese market: “Four Nine Golds”, with a fineness of 99.99%; “Three Nine Golds”, with a fineness of 99.9%, commonly known as Thousand Pure Gold; and “Two Nine Golds”, with a fineness of 99%, commonly known as Pure Gold.
  2.K gold jewelry
  K gold is an alloy made by adding some other metals to pure gold to increase the hardness, change the color tone and lower the melting point. Due to the different proportions of other metals added, the color, hue, hardness, ductility and melting point of K gold are all different. The characteristics of K gold jewelry are that it uses less gold, has a low cost, and can be formulated into various colors, and is not easy to deform and wear. Especially after the gems are inlaid, they are firm and beautiful, and show the precious beauty of the gems. Therefore, it is widely popular in many cities in our country. The color of K gold jewelry is relatively rich. At present, red K gold, orange K gold, yellow K gold, green K gold, blue K gold, cyan K gold, purple K gold, gray K gold, black K gold, White K gold, white K gold is similar to platinum because of its color and luster, especially with a layer of rhodium, which is more elegant and can be fake, but the price is much lower than platinum, so it is favored by many people. There are three main series of formulas for white K gold, namely: gold and palladium, gold and nickel, gold and silver, or their combination alloys, which can form white gold.

  (2) Imitation gold jewelry
   1. Gold-plated jewelry
  Gold-plated jewelry is mostly made of silver or copper, and the surface coating is gold. The luster of gold replaces the original color of the original material, thereby increasing the ornamental value of the jewelry.
  The gold content of gold plating shall not be less than 14K, and its thickness shall not be less than 0.5 microns. Gold-plated jewelry is generally lighter in body and harder when bent. In addition, a thin layer of jewelry is rubbed hard on sandpaper to reveal the base color. After fire, the color that turns white is silver, and the color that turns black is copper.
  2. Gilt jewelry
Gilt is a kind of jewelry making method that appeared in ancient times. It is to dissolve gold in mercury, and then evenly spread on the surface of the jewelry, dry it and bake it with charcoal fire to make the mercury volatilize, and then use agate to calender the surface. Become a gilt product.
  3. Gold-clad jewelry
   Gold-clad jewelry is made of silver, copper, lead, zinc and other alloys to make a blank tire, and then mechanically or other methods are used to firmly wrap the gold foil on the surface of the metal product substrate to obtain a gold covering layer, which is called gold-clad. The gold content of the gold-clad shall not be less than 14K, and its thickness shall not be less than 0.5 microns.

   (3) Maintenance of gold jewelry
   1. When wearing gold and silver jewelry, avoid contact with hard objects and pull hard. Due to the low hardness of gold and silver, it is easy to be scratched or broken when it comes into contact with hard objects, which will damage the decorativeness of jewelry.
   2. Wear jewelry in chemically contaminated areas. At the same time, try to minimize contact with perfume, hair oil, toilet water and other cosmetics. Once contacted, the surface of the jewelry will easily corrode and cause spots or discoloration. In order to maintain the luster of gold jewelry, you can often add a small amount of detergent in warm water and place the jewelry Brush gently with a soft brush, rinse with clean water, then wipe with a soft cloth and dry.

   (4) Inspection of gold jewelry
   1. Logo
  The jewelry mark should contain the manufacturer’s code, the name and content of the precious metal material.
   2. Appearance quality
   is mainly the inspection of the overall shape and processing quality of jewelry.
  3. Jewelry weight
  The price of gold jewelry is calculated based on weight and processing fee. The weight of jewelry is one of the important indicators. According to the standard, the unit of measurement of jewelry weight is gram, and the allowable error of a single piece of gold jewelry is 0.01g.
   4. Gold content
  The gold content in jewelry is an important indicator of its quality. There are many methods for testing gold content, which can be divided into chemical analysis methods and instrumental analysis methods. According to whether the jewelry is damaged during the inspection process, it can be divided into non-destructive testing method and destructive testing method. The daily inspection in the jewelry quality supervision department is generally based on the non-destructive testing method, and the density method is combined with X fluorescence spectroscopy and electronic probes. And other large-scale instrument analysis. Market supervision and spot checks are mainly destructive testing, and the fire assay is currently the national testing method for determining the gold content in jewelry in my country.

  (5) The physical properties of gold
   Luster Red yellow, fineness above 95%; normal yellow, fineness about 80%; blue-yellow, about 70%; yellow slightly gray, about 50%.
   density 19.32g/cm3
   Hardness Mohs hardness is 2.5, which is similar to human nails.

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Gold knowledge: processing and cleaning of gold ornaments after scratching

Nowadays, many people like to wear gold jewelry. However, due to the relatively soft precious metal of gold, some scratches will inevitably occur when worn for a long time, which not only affects the beauty of gold jewelry but also affects the mood of the wearer. What if the gold jewelry is accidentally scratched? How to deal with it?

  What to do if the gold ornament is scratched

   If the gold jewelry has obvious scratches, you can take it to a regular gold store to repair and maintain it. The general store will polish your gold jewelry.
   Gold jewelry should be maintained in time after polishing, such as keeping away from oil or bleach. These substances will not only affect the luster of the gold jewelry, but may also cause spots on the gold jewelry.
   In addition, the gold jewelry should be cleaned regularly as much as possible. It is best to get it in a professional store. If it is really inconvenient, you can simply clean it at home to remove some fine lines and dust on the surface.

  How to clean gold

Glossy gold jewelry is the favorite of many female friends. Gold jewelry is really beautiful to wear, but it is difficult to clean up after being worn for a long time. It is often taken to the gold store to clean it without so much patience. This makes many people I am confused, are there some simple and convenient methods? Here are two tips for cleaning up gold jewelry:
Many women’s gold jewelry will appear white or white spots after wearing. At this time, many people will use a knife to scrape or sandpaper. In fact, the easiest way is to put the gold jewelry on fire for a while, and then use a soft cloth Wipe can be restored.
   There is a good way to restore the luster of gold jewelry after it becomes dim, that is, use the developer powder for washing photos to dilute the gold jewelry with water, and then clean it normally, so that the cleaned gold jewelry will be brighter.

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Rules for wearing summer accessories: add snacks to the wrist

As a delicate woman, have you ever calculated what is the most in your jewelry box? Is it a ring? Or earrings? According to small-scale statistics, 70% of women’s answer is ear studs, 15% of women’s answer is necklace, 13% of women’s answer is ring, and only 2% of women’s answer is bracelet (bracelet).

In fact, in this season of showing arms, our wrists should not be empty, nor should we be dominated by big watches such as watches. The occasional little embellishment can brighten the whole mood.

Add a snack to your wrist

  1. Hand strap series (gold transfer beads)

The hand strap is an accessory that has been popular since the 1990s. Although the author at that time was also a girl, but the inborn love for these small red, green and green ropes made the author at that time bought one at a lot of money, and was mistaken for rubbish by Ma Ma… (How Painful memories) And with the development of hand straps, now it has enlisted a large number of fans of the Chinese dynasty and even went abroad and into the world.

I have a different feeling. This is my mother’s favorite. I didn’t really like this picture, but when I received it, I felt it was worth it!

The author suggests: Red is a festive color that Ma Ma likes! But some reds, such as those from A, are more unique, because their red is not the “aunt red” seen on the market, but a very authentic cinnabar red!

And some mms who don’t like the red rope can choose the leather rope of Chow Tai Fook. The colors are so many that boyfriends who have never had a cold with accessories buy it weakly.

  1. Gold bracelet

Buying gold when it is not expensive, does it feel like it is not that expensive?!

In fact, the gold bracelet is not the sense of sight brought by the heavenly aunt. With the polishing of modern technology, gold has become more and more grounded.

Belongs to our style! Little cookies, little thoughts.

The author suggests: For jewelry with a heavier color like gold, when worn in summer, finer is fresher and more refined than coarser. MM who likes gold can try it!

  1. K gold bracelet (bracelet)

For K gold, people associate with fashion. Is the sparkling rose gold and bright 18K white illuminated all summer?

I just like the feeling of meticulousness, and the quality of their homes is also very nice, no matter how meticulous they are! Is the price moving?

It’s a pity that I didn’t shoot the effect of the Mobes ring. It’s a really super exquisite bracelet. It’s really nothing to say in terms of craftsmanship to be able to do this with a thousand pure gold! The surface is still brushed, and I have never “jumped” after wearing it for half a year!

The author suggests: K gold is MM’s first choice for bracelets, but how can we not bring the “bad street” style? Either the price is outstanding, or it is DIY, or you have to spend a little time thinking about it!

However, it is not necessarily a good thing to bring some “strange” elements of masters on your wrist. Isn’t fashion just that you have found a suitable person for this time, this occasion, and the right person?

  1. Silver bracelet (bracelet)

When it comes to silver, it must be tiffany!

It’s another brand I like, Pandora, the polished brightness of silver, how many girls’ hearts are kneeling! But there is no link, search for your favorite mm!

The down-to-earth price and simple style are the mood of summer! All-match

The author recommends: Regarding silver, if the polishing technology is in place, then its gloss and 18k cannot be distinguished by the naked eye! Some cool elements in summer will make the whole person feel cold!

  1. Crystal bracelet

If you are used to garnet, citrine, tiger’s eye, obsidian… these common crystals, let’s come here for a few refreshing chants suitable for summer!

Amethyst is considered to be the guardian stone of love. It can endow lovers with chastity, honesty and courage, and can give lovers a deeper love.

The reason why crystal has these more or less effects is also because of its own radiation elements. Is the more expensive crystal the better? Experts say no, only knowledgeable people can tell! However, in order to prevent unscrupulous merchants from taking advantage of the situation, each gem will have its certification certificate, but there is no end here, you can only verify the authenticity of your gem by searching on the designated website according to the gem’s authentication code~!

  1. Crystal bracelet (bracelet)

Speaking of dior, their bracelets are not too many, after all, they are not professional jewelry! But their home stuff, slender style, especially suitable for summer wear! Show your temperament in every gesture! And the price is not particularly high, in general it is quite grounded

The author suggests: For crystal mosaic jewelry, maintenance is very important, but mosaic technology is even more important! Just like the setting of diamonds, many excellent brands will choose special processes instead of simple processes such as glue that we see on the market. And some big brands’ after-sales service are also very well done, they all support lifetime warranty!

For the summer season when the arms are exposed, the bracelets and bracelets are not covered by any clothing, so as long as you raise your hand in the sun or light, you can attract a lot of attention! For such a shiny jewelry, wearing it alone can actually achieve the desired effect. Don’t let other jewelry on your wrist take away its light!

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How to maintain jewelry?

In fact, there are many details that must be paid attention to in the maintenance and cleaning of jewelry, such as: do not touch the jewelry with your hands often; do not spray perfume on the surface of the jewelry when you make-up; pearls should be soaked in water frequently to supplement the humidity; ultrasonic cleaning machines should not be used frequently. And regularly check whether the small drill is loose…etc. Here are nine precautions and maintenance methods that should be paid attention to when wearing jewelry correctly for consumers’ reference to avoid unintentional damage to jewelry:

   1. Use toothpaste to clean jewelry? error! !
   There is a saying in the jewelry circle: Use a toothbrush with toothpaste to brush the jewelry, and the usable jewelry looks as bright as new. Cleaning jewelry should be possible, but toothpaste is not ideal, because toothpaste contains fine high-hardness abrasive particles, these particles are very small but the hardness is as high as six or seven degrees (almost the same as crystal), so use toothpaste to clean jewelry It will damage the surface of gems with lower hardness than crystals, especially pearls, gold and karat gold surfaces; pearls are absolutely avoided. The most correct washing solution should be diluted neutral surfactants (such as salad off, baby shampoo).

   2. Don’t touch often
   Jewelry can be kept clean when worn on the body. It seems simple but not easy. Many people see the jewels beautifully and charmingly. They can’t help but touch the surface of the gemstone with their hands. Doing so will affect the luster and brightness of the gemstone.
The human body excretes sweat and oil on the surface of the skin from time to time. The hand is the easiest to touch the body part, so the oil on the skin often contaminates the surface of the hand. When touching the gem with the hand, the oil on the hand will easily stay on the gem. Above, and affect the luster and brightness of the gem. In particular, diamonds are lipophilic gems, and the surface is easily stained with oil, which greatly affects the luster. But jadeite white jade belongs to the aggregate structure, and touching it often makes the jade more moist and lovely.

   3. Tap water damages pearl luster
  Some people want to clean and maintain their pearls after wearing them a few times. They don’t know that a short cleaning with tap water will have little effect on the jewelry, but if they are used to soak the pearls, it is absolutely necessary. Because the tap water has a fixed content of chlorine (c1), it will damage the luster of the pearl surface. In fact, mineral water should be the most ideal for washing pearls.
   In addition, after wearing the pearl, it must be washed and maintained before sending it to the safe deposit box of the bank to prevent the pearl from discoloring due to the accumulation of dirt for too long in the future. However, the bank safe deposit boxes for storing cash and documents are relatively low in relative humidity, and their storage conditions are not suitable for pearls and other tidal gems, such as pearls, proteins, etc., so they must be taken out at regular intervals and soaked in water. Maintain and replenish humidity.

   4. Take it off at the right time, it is maintenance
   The correct wearing of jewelry should be changed or taken off diligently depending on the person, event, time, place, and object, but for busy modern people, there may be no way. But at least it is best to remove it when washing your hands, because some soaps contain different levels of alkaline substances, and the accumulation of time may cause a kind of damage to the weaker gems, and the soap in the soap is easy to get stuck in the ring. In the small seams, it greatly affects the luster and brightness of the gem. In addition, bathing, doing housework, swimming, etc. are also prone to collision and injury to gems.

   5. Use the ultrasonic washing machine carefully
   Ultrasonic washing machine does have a good washing effect on jewellery of karat gold gemstones and jewellery with karat gold cleaning function, especially it can clean the greasy dust in the crevices of gems that cannot be brushed by the brush. However, the ultrasonic cleaning machine is not suitable for all gems, such as emeralds, pearls… and other special structure gems. The structure will be destroyed during ultrasonic cleaning, so it should be absolutely avoided. In addition, although the ultrasonic cleaning machine has a good cleaning effect, it should not be used often because it is easy to use. If it is used too frequently, it will easily make the small diamond unable to withstand multiple shocks and loose or even fall.

   6. Pay attention to acid and alkaline substances
   Some substances that we come into contact with in our daily life or food contain different concentrations of acid or alkali, and these different concentrations of acid and alkali chemicals may damage gems, especially pearls; or other organic gems. The use of daily cosmetics should avoid contamination with jewelry.
   When dressing on weekdays, make up and spray perfume before wearing jewelry to avoid high-concentration cosmetics or perfume directly contacting the surface of jewelry. If you need to add perfume, you should also avoid spraying perfume directly on the surface of jewelry.

  7. Pay attention to the order of wearing jewelry
   When wearing prong-set jewelry or rings, avoid getting hooked on clothes or purses. In case of getting hooked on clothes, it will not cause the main stone to fall off immediately. Generally speaking, the order of wearing jewelry is to wear the jewelry after the clothes are worn. Imagine wearing a claw-set solitaire diamond ring on your hand, then dressing and wearing stockings. Is it dangerous for clothing, stockings and gems?
There are many ways to inlay jewelry. The safest way to not hook clothes is bezel setting, but bezel setting wraps the entire waistline so that light cannot enter. Moreover, because the k gold part is used more, it is visual The effect is not as attractive as the prong setting, so the most popular in the jewelry market is still the prong setting, but you need to pay attention to the order of wearing.

   8. The magical effect of a small jewelry bag
You may have heard that some people took off their jewelry and put them on the sink for washing their hands, accidentally fell on the ground and injured them, or slipped into the drain; or forgot to have incidents on the sink. In fact, this is not a new thing, but this The crisis is avoidable.
   When you buy jewelry, the jewelry store will give you a small jewelry box, put the jewelry in it, so that the jewelry looks beautiful and beautiful. It is a pity that many people put the jewelry box in a drawer at home after taking out the jewelry. In fact, this small jewelry box has its own magical functions. It is small and does not take up space. It can be carried with you. When you go out to wash your hands, you can remove the ring and put it in the jewelry box. If you develop this habit, it can be greatly improved. Reduce the chance of losing the jewelry ring. So don’t be too troublesome and bring a small ring box with you!

   9. Regularly inspect the jewelry carefully
   Busy modern consumers tend to take off the jewellery after returning home, put it in the jewellery box, and then take it out and wear it when you want to use it next time. The jewellery is recycled like this. Maybe you rarely spend your energy to examine it. Spending more time to take care of your jewelry can greatly reduce the crisis, such as whether the small diamonds in the jewelry are stable and not loose? Are the pearl necklaces firmly tied? Is the elasticity of the clip-on earrings reduced? Or the screw connection is not good… and many more.

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How to choose earrings for different face shapes? Reviews

Regarding the choice of earrings, it is not only about the image and temperament of a person, but also plays a vital role in the modification of the face. In many cases, one of the earrings is very beautiful and I like it very much. However, after I bought it and put it on, I found that the effect was not as good as expected. At this time, you can see the importance of choosing earrings based on your face. So, how do you choose earrings that suit you for different face shapes?

The choice of earrings can be divided into three categories: earrings, long earrings, and extra long earrings. Each kind of earrings has rich materials, and each material can be made in different shapes, so the shape of earrings is also very rich.

Earrings suitable for various face shapes

1.Goose egg face
The oval face is the most perfect face shape. This kind of girl doesn’t have to worry about choosing which earrings to wear. What kind of earrings will look good. If the skin is white, it will be more perfect. There is no need to choose the color. Popular drop-shaped, gourd-shaped or round earrings are the best choice. For the cute ones, you can choose fairy earrings, or plush ball earrings, which are very suitable.

2.Long face
Most of the long faces are narrow and long faces. Such a face shape is not suitable for choosing too long earrings. You can choose round earrings, so that the roundness in the square can better modify the face shape. Especially horizontally designed earrings, fan-shaped and square designs are good choices, but oblong or long cylindrical earrings are taboo. However, the long face has the biggest advantage, the coolest face shape that can remove the neutral wind.

3.Round face
Girls with round faces are also commonly known as baby faces. They are round and cute, but they are easy to look fat. Therefore, choose drop earrings that can visually elongate the face. Long earrings will look more temperamental. Avoid square and round earrings, otherwise it will backfire and make your face wider. The principle of choosing earrings for round faces is to look thin. Some very metallic earrings can give people a strong visual sense.

4.Square face
If you are a girl with a square face, the facial contours are tough and sharp. Therefore, it will appear very hard, a little masculine, or accompanied by a big face. Then the lines of the jaw bones will be more obvious, so you can’t choose square earrings. Square earrings are suitable for arc-shaped earrings, especially for drop-shaped earrings or stud earrings. Because it can neutralize the hard contours of the square face from the visual effect, it appears that the square face has a rounded feel and is more attractive. The more taboo is to choose square, star or round earrings.

5.Inverted triangle face
If you are a girl with an inverted triangle face, it is also called a heart-shaped face. The cheekbones are wider, the lower jaw is narrow, and the forehead is wider than the diamond-shaped face. This face shape is the most photogenic. The features of the face shape are that the forehead is relatively wide and the chin is relatively sharp, so our general impression is a “V-shaped face shape.” Such a face shape should avoid any earrings that can enlarge the cheekbones. You need to choose a slightly heavy pendant with a medium length. Taboos are inverted triangle earrings and linear earrings with elongated face.

6.Earring recommendation
The latest love to watch dramas, sweet sister and brother love plot, “The Next Stop Is Happiness” starring Victoria Song and Song Weilong, in which Victoria Song’s outfit is remarkable.

7.Earring series
My ear studs are really not too many, only a few pairs, because I usually have long hair, and often it will be curled and the studs are almost invisible, so I still have more long earrings. But short hair, straight hair girls can consider more ear studs, temperament models, noble atmosphere and timeless!

8.Earring series
Long earrings are suitable for summer, wearing skirts or off-the-shoulder clothes, short earrings are more suitable for everyday life and look less ostentatious.

Purchased in a boutique, the price is more than 200, and no similar link can be found on the Internet. This is my favorite earring. I will help you choose earrings without one of them. How should I choose earrings for different faces? (Recommended earrings for private clothes are attached~Real Buyer Show).

The frequency of taking it abroad is the highest enough to show that I love it. I will help you choose earrings. How should I choose earrings for different faces?

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How to identify the purity and authenticity of silver jewelry?

Silver jewelry itself is very malleable, and its shapes are varied and varied, and it is no longer pure silver jewelry in our impression. It has many fashionable elements in its shape, variety and craftsmanship, and the sales volume of silver jewelry is also increasing year by year. Although silver jewelry is not expensive, there are real and false. Although this phenomenon is not universal, consumers should still master some methods to identify silver jewelry. Consumers can check the physical properties of silver when they buy it. How to identify whether it is pure silver? The commonly used inspection methods are:

  1. Look at the color of jewelry: the higher the purity, the whiter the silver, and the surface of the jewelry looks evenly shiny and polished. If it contains lead, the jewelry will appear blue-gray; if it contains copper, the surface of the jewelry will appear rough and the color will not be moist.
  2. Jewelry weight: The density of silver is slightly larger than that of common metals. Generally speaking, “aluminum is light, silver is heavy, and copper is not light nor heavy.” Therefore, the weight of the jewelry can make a preliminary decision on whether it is silver. judgment. If the jewelry is large in size and light in weight, it can be preliminarily judged that the jewelry belongs to other metals.
  3. Check the hardness: Silver is lower in hardness than copper, but larger than lead and tin. You can use a pin to test the inconspicuous parts of the jewelry. If the needle is slippery and it is difficult to leave marks on the surface, it can be judged as copper jewelry; If the texture is lead or tin, the traces are obvious and prominent; if there are traces but not obvious, it can be preliminarily judged as silver jewelry.
  4. Listen to the rhyme: the sterling silver jewelry is thrown with a sound, no elasticity, and the sound is “porn da por da”. The lower the color, the lower the sound, and the sharper and higher the sound with rhyme; if it is copper, the sound is higher and sharp, and the rhyme is quick and short; if it is lead or tin, the sound is dull and short , No elasticity.

It is not an ideal method to test silver jewelry solely based on the physical properties and experience of silver. Only by destroying the silver jewellery and using chemical methods can the true and false silver jewellery be tested. However, this is beyond the reach of consumers. How to identify whether it is pure silver? When buying silver jewelry, consumers should not only master some basic inspection knowledge, but also pay attention to whether there are relevant certificates, certificates, and certificates for silver jewelry. Only silver jewelry that has been tested by a testing agency can be assured.

In addition, the silver content of silver jewelry must be accurately marked, and consumers should check whether there is a “925” on the jewelry when buying. “925” is the symbol of sterling silver. As long as there is “925”, you can ensure that you are buying genuine sterling silver jewelry. When buying, pay special attention to whether its fasteners can be fastened and secured. When buying silver chain jewelry, lay it flat to see if the chain links are kinked or bent. The price of silver jewelry is determined based on the content of precious metals, structural design and craftsmanship, so the most important criterion for choosing silver jewelry is to see if you like it.

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Development history of synthetic diamonds

In 1797, mankind finally discovered that diamonds are a mineral almost composed of pure carbon. Since then, they have not given up on the exploration of the artificial diamond manufacturing process. But the previous efforts were almost in vain, and the researchers did not find a way to synthesize diamonds. After all, natural diamonds were formed 3.3 billion years ago, and the youngest diamonds were also 990 million years ago. It is indeed very difficult to simulate the natural way to form diamonds.

It was not until the twentieth century that thermodynamics and high temperature and high pressure technology achieved considerable development that synthetic diamonds became possible.

In 1970, General Electric Company of the United States announced the synthesis of carat grade (greater than 5 mm) gem grade diamonds. In 1987, De Beers of South Africa synthesized an 11.14 ct gem-quality diamond. In 1990, it successfully synthesized a high-quality diamond single crystal, weighing 14. 2 ct.

But in the following 30 years, the development of gem-grade synthetic diamonds has been subject to technical difficulties. Until recent years, with technological breakthroughs, it was finally possible to synthesize gem-level pure and colorful diamonds and market them.

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Why does gold jewelry change color after wearing for a long time?

Many people have found that gold jewelry will change or fade after wearing it for a period of time. What is going on

The discoloration or fading of gold jewelry is closely related to human sweat. 99% of human sweat is water, and about 1% is waste and harmful substances in the human body, such as chlorinated substances, lactic acid, urea and ammonia. When these substances come into contact with silver and copper in gold jewelry, they will have a chemical reaction to produce silver chloride and copper sulfide, and present dark black chemical salts. This chemical salt often falls from gold jewelry, polluting the wearer’s skin, leaving a very obvious black stain on the skin.

Geographical environmental factors may also make gold jewelry lose its bright color. For example, in a drier area, the air contains more original fine dust, which will form a kind of “human body sandpaper” when it is contaminated with the human body, which can abrade the gold jewelry to extremely fine debris and cause local black stains. It is worth mentioning that talcum powder or moisturizer also contains similar particles, which will overshadow gold jewelry as mentioned above.

If cosmetics are applied to the skin where gold jewelry is worn, it will undoubtedly provide opportunities for cosmetics containing chemical substances and gold jewelry that are most afraid of chemical substances to “gather together”, and the results can be imagined. Some cosmetics also contain some fine hard particles, which can form another type of dirt and wear gold jewelry.

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Jewelry cleaning misunderstanding

Frequent cleaning of jewelry can keep its surface clean and not be affected by dust, oil, etc., so that people who love jewelry will clean it regularly, but the longer the jewelry, the uglier it may be the wrong cleaning method.

1. Toothpaste cleaning

In some maintenance suggestions, it is recommended to use toothpaste to clean jewelry, but not all toothpaste can be used.

Some toothpastes contain fine high-hardness abrasive particles that can clean the surface of the teeth. Although these particles are very small, they have high hardness and easily cause damage to the surface of jewelry (especially pearls, gold and K gold).

Important: Do not use toothpaste containing particles to clean jewelry, use a soft cloth instead of a hard-bristled toothbrush to scrub the surface of the jewelry.

2. Ultrasonic cleaning

In jewellery shops, ultrasonic cleaners are often used to clean jewellery for customers. After washing, they are clean and as bright and new as they were just bought. So some customers will think of buying an ultrasonic cleaner for themselves, which is more convenient to wash at home.

Although ultrasonic has a good cleaning effect on K gold jewelry, it can especially clean the oily dirt that is not easy to remove in the jewelry gap. However, do you know which parts of the jewelry cannot be cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner? It may cause irreparable damage to the jewelry.

Key points: There are many internal fissures in emeralds, so ultrasonic cleaning is not suitable. For example, tourmaline beads and other gemstones with more internal fissures cannot be cleaned by ultrasonic; the special craftsmanship of the ring set with broken diamonds cannot be “risked”, otherwise the stability of the setting may be affected by ultrasonic cleaning.

3. Wash with water

Many jewels, such as pearls, corals, lapis lazuli, turquoise, and opal, cannot be exposed to too much water. They are prone to fading and other problems after exposure to excessive water. The residual substance “chlorine” in tap water also has the risk of corroding jewelry;

Especially when taking a bath, in addition to hot water, the jewelry will also be exposed to detergent. So, don’t feel troublesome, and be sure to take off the jewelry you wear when taking a bath.