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How to identify the purity and authenticity of silver jewelry?

Silver jewelry itself is very malleable, and its shapes are varied and varied, and it is no longer pure silver jewelry in our impression. It has many fashionable elements in its shape, variety and craftsmanship, and the sales volume of silver jewelry is also increasing year by year. Although silver jewelry is not expensive, there are real and false. Although this phenomenon is not universal, consumers should still master some methods to identify silver jewelry. Consumers can check the physical properties of silver when they buy it. How to identify whether it is pure silver? The commonly used inspection methods are:

  1. Look at the color of jewelry: the higher the purity, the whiter the silver, and the surface of the jewelry looks evenly shiny and polished. If it contains lead, the jewelry will appear blue-gray; if it contains copper, the surface of the jewelry will appear rough and the color will not be moist.
  2. Jewelry weight: The density of silver is slightly larger than that of common metals. Generally speaking, “aluminum is light, silver is heavy, and copper is not light nor heavy.” Therefore, the weight of the jewelry can make a preliminary decision on whether it is silver. judgment. If the jewelry is large in size and light in weight, it can be preliminarily judged that the jewelry belongs to other metals.
  3. Check the hardness: Silver is lower in hardness than copper, but larger than lead and tin. You can use a pin to test the inconspicuous parts of the jewelry. If the needle is slippery and it is difficult to leave marks on the surface, it can be judged as copper jewelry; If the texture is lead or tin, the traces are obvious and prominent; if there are traces but not obvious, it can be preliminarily judged as silver jewelry.
  4. Listen to the rhyme: the sterling silver jewelry is thrown with a sound, no elasticity, and the sound is “porn da por da”. The lower the color, the lower the sound, and the sharper and higher the sound with rhyme; if it is copper, the sound is higher and sharp, and the rhyme is quick and short; if it is lead or tin, the sound is dull and short , No elasticity.

It is not an ideal method to test silver jewelry solely based on the physical properties and experience of silver. Only by destroying the silver jewellery and using chemical methods can the true and false silver jewellery be tested. However, this is beyond the reach of consumers. How to identify whether it is pure silver? When buying silver jewelry, consumers should not only master some basic inspection knowledge, but also pay attention to whether there are relevant certificates, certificates, and certificates for silver jewelry. Only silver jewelry that has been tested by a testing agency can be assured.

In addition, the silver content of silver jewelry must be accurately marked, and consumers should check whether there is a “925” on the jewelry when buying. “925” is the symbol of sterling silver. As long as there is “925”, you can ensure that you are buying genuine sterling silver jewelry. When buying, pay special attention to whether its fasteners can be fastened and secured. When buying silver chain jewelry, lay it flat to see if the chain links are kinked or bent. The price of silver jewelry is determined based on the content of precious metals, structural design and craftsmanship, so the most important criterion for choosing silver jewelry is to see if you like it.

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