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Development history of synthetic diamonds

In 1797, mankind finally discovered that diamonds are a mineral almost composed of pure carbon. Since then, they have not given up on the exploration of the artificial diamond manufacturing process. But the previous efforts were almost in vain, and the researchers did not find a way to synthesize diamonds. After all, natural diamonds were formed 3.3 billion years ago, and the youngest diamonds were also 990 million years ago. It is indeed very difficult to simulate the natural way to form diamonds.

It was not until the twentieth century that thermodynamics and high temperature and high pressure technology achieved considerable development that synthetic diamonds became possible.

In 1970, General Electric Company of the United States announced the synthesis of carat grade (greater than 5 mm) gem grade diamonds. In 1987, De Beers of South Africa synthesized an 11.14 ct gem-quality diamond. In 1990, it successfully synthesized a high-quality diamond single crystal, weighing 14. 2 ct.

But in the following 30 years, the development of gem-grade synthetic diamonds has been subject to technical difficulties. Until recent years, with technological breakthroughs, it was finally possible to synthesize gem-level pure and colorful diamonds and market them.

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